Alderville Prairie Tour


Total Distance: 44km  

The Ride: Following a portion and branching out from the Greenbelt Route, this ride will take you on a tour that highlights rural Northumberland charm. Enjoy a variety of stops and scenery including forests and agricultural lands, wetlands and cottage country lakefront on this beautiful ride through Northumberland County. Enjoy the shores of Rice Lake, which is well known for a rich history and recreational activities including fishing, birding, and boating.

Experience Level: Moderate to advanced. Road ride. Riders: Roads are paved, except for small segments on Bowmanton Road and Beaver Meadows Road East. Use caution on some narrow winding portions of Rice Lake Scenic Drive near Gore’s Landing. Heavy traffic on County Road 45, so take care when crossing. Shorten this loop to 37 km by turning north on Harwood Road after 19km, rejoining route Harwood and Rice Lake Scenic Drive.

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Day 1:  – Alderville to Alderville 44km

Area services along this section of the route: Accommodations, cafés, restaurants, Provincial Parks, campsites, art galleries.

Starting from Alderville First Nation, enjoy quiet stretches of country back roads through rich farmlands. Plan to stop along the treelined Bowmanton Road at a number of points of interest including hiking and mountain biking trails into Northumberland Forest and onto the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail. Route onto the Rice Lake Ramble bike route by turning at Burnham Street North, or short turn earlier to head directly to Harwood. As an established cycling route, enjoy the bike lane markings and Share the Road signs as you continue along the Rice Lake Ramble and pedal down into Gore’s Landing. As the road twists eastward there are several refreshment and swimming stop options in each hamlet, plus a range of overnight accommodations en route including an inn, campsites and cottages rentals. Where lakeland rolls into farmland, pay a visit to the Black Oak Savanna Ecology Centre to learn more about this area which used to be Canada’s easternmost prairie. Loop back to Alderville to complete the ride.

Notes to Riders

This route is a suggested route only. All cyclists are responsible for their own safety. Always wear the proper safety gear when cycling, ride sensibly and abide by all laws. Each route should be evaluated by each individual cyclist based on their level of experience, comfort level in cycling on trails and roads, weather conditions, time of day, and any road obstacles. Take care riding along larger roads

Getting To/From Start: VIA Rail to Cobourg, but be sure to check for trains with baggage service. Cycle the Greenbelt Route to Alderville.

Visitor Information: Use below to find out more about ride areas and plan an extra day or two to see more.


As part of Canada’s 150th celebrations in 2017, Ontario 150 Celebrate by Bike connected fifteen communities across Ontario through cycling. Ride itineraries, events and cycling education in Bike Friendly Communities and Ontario By Bike ride destinations were developed and hosted to take advantage of the iconic Greenbelt Route and Great Lakes Waterfront Trail to strengthen communities and create cycling itineraries as a permanent legacy of Ontario 150. This initiative was a collaborative partnership between the Waterfront Regeneration Trust, the Friends of the Greenbelt FoundationOntario By Bike, and Share the Road Cycilng Coalition, building on two decades of investment in cycling infrastructure in Ontario. Check out the 15 legacy ride itineraries, and make plans to get out there to explore more of Ontario By Bike.

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