Romantic Designs Artist Studio

Romantic Designs Artist Studio is located in the quaint little town of St. Thomas, Ontario and home to Celtic Artists Sharon and Daniel Brassard. Their 'side by side' studios offer an Art Gallery/Workshop and Classroom where they provide classes. Once referred to as ' a two person Artist Guild' ; Sharon and Daniel are both visual Artists whose mediums differ and yet compliment each other. Both have a passion for folklore, fantasy and other pleasant escapes of the mind. Sharon is a sculptor working primarily with polymer and natural clay. She also sculpts with Powertex, Japanese papers, wood and Fabric. Daniel is an illustrator working in watercolour, ink, soft pastels, pencil and ink. His portfolio also includes artworks using digital mediums. Whether it is a faerie sculpture or a romantic spirit painting, their work can best be described as unique and intriguing. A destination you won't easily forget!
120 Wellington Street, St. Thomas, N5R2R4, Ontario, Canada
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