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A Ride to Remember: the Cornwall Waterfront Trail

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Add Cornwall to your summer vacation list for a cycling experience unlike any other. Enjoy amazing off-road trails right along the mighty St. Lawrence River with easy access to restaurants, shops, attractions and much more.


A Ride to Remember: Cycle Southern Oxford County in the Heart of Rural Ontario

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Small town Ontario: there’s nothing better. Where most of the shops close on Sunday and traffic jams generally involve farm equipment rambling down a back road, you’ll also find beautiful rolling hills of golden crops, cows gently grazing in fields and culinary delights that can only be found this close to where the ingredients are grown. This summer, discover the heart of Ontario’s agricultural hub in Oxford when you ride one of the loops through the southern part of the county.


Pairing Culture And Cycling: 8 Cycling Trails In Stratford Ontario

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Calling cyclists of all experience levels — add Stratford to your vacation bucket list this summer. There are a variety of cycling routes you’re bound to love, mixing the best of art and culture with gorgeous scenery, Stratford has so much to offer for all ages.


Bikepacking Ontario Style

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Over the last few years, bikepacking has become increasingly popular. It allows for some epic cycle touring and while it can take many forms, it often gets riders out on a more challenging experience exploring exciting areas off the beaten track. With its diverse landscapes and large network of old railway lines, trails and gravel roads, Ontario is an ideal location for a bikepacking adventure.


How to Store your Beloved Bike: Tips and Tricks

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Bicycle storage doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many options available to suit everyone. Whether you’re a casual rider, a daily commuter, or a weekend warrior, your bicycle will benefit from a dedicated storage solution. It is important to know how to store your bicycle. Here are some considerations when thinking about bicycle storage for your needs.


A Perfect Mix: Waterloo Guelph Explorer

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There is always a thrill in travelling to somewhere new, something we were keen to experience this summer with travel keeping us all closer to home. Having long heard about the excellent bike trails, quiet country roads, small town charm and modern city amenities we enthusiastically began research mid winter on the ultimate looped two day ride itinerary to explore the Waterloo Guelph area.


Minutes Away . . . A World of Difference

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Caledon, Ontario is a cyclist’s destination, right next to metropolitan Toronto. Characterized by rolling hills, lush river valleys, the steep Niagara Escarpment, amazing views and farmers’ fields, it is an impressive place to escape the confines of the city and explore by bike.


Take the Backroad: Exploring Gravel Routes in Kawarthas Northumberland

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Gravel roads have a beauty all their own. Choosing a less-trafficked route lets cyclists enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside with little or no intrusion from cars, making for a more contemplative ride. Perhaps the only downside is the difficulty of finding routes close to town, but fortunately that’s an area where the Kawarthas Northumberland region excels.


Top Cycling Routes Exploring Ontario’s National Parks & Historical Sites

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We are fortunate in Ontario to have both National and Provincial park systems, providing residents and visitors with access to treasured and protected outdoor recreational spaces, many with historical significance. In Ontario there are 6 national parks and 39 historic sites under the stewardship of Parks Canada. One of the best ways to explore some of these parks and sites is on two wheels.


A New Spin on Stratford

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If its been a while since you visited Stratford you may want to consider exploring the great outdoors this summer, starting on your bike! Create your own path to experience Stratford, or discover one of the many road cycling routes and trails nearby.


Humdinger Bicycle Tours Offers New Shorter Tours to Meet this Summer’s Demand for Distanced, Close-to-Home Vacations

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Orillia-based Humdinger Bicycle Tours has expanded its trip options to meet the growing interest in summer vacations that can accommodate physical distancing. Along with a new 6-day Bruce County tour, Humdinger has added some shorter, affordable options including more day trips and an Orillia Pedal, Pints & Pubs tour featuring two recently opened craft breweries.


Discover Canada’s Southernmost Bike Trails

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Looking for a way to safely explore a new area while on two wheels? Whether it be within the city or out in the county green spaces, Windsor Essex has plenty of ways for you to plan your next cycle-friendly adventure. Cyclists of all sorts can explore this region at the southern peninsula of Ontario via six established cycling trails, mapped out by Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island and their partners.