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10 Inspirational Ontario Cycling Images from Instagram – March Edition

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Spring is in the air, but cycling in Ontario in March offers up a wide range of weather as you can see from the pictures we've pulled of Instagram for March. A mix of warm and wet, snow and sun will make you even more keen to get out on that bike and explore more of Ontario by bike. Maybe consider joining a cycling event this year - a great way to discover a new ride destination! Here is our March Edition of 10 inspirational cycling images we've peeled off Instagram, in no particular order. To help us find your great images on Instagram, tag your posts with #OntarioByBike!


10 Inspirational Ontario Cycling Images from Instagram – January Edition

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Well 2017 has finally arrived! It's a pretty special year with Canada celebrating it's 150th birthday! The buzz around the country is palpable and, while we may be bias, we're also seeing a ton of buzz around cycling! It's been a busy January with a number of fantastic winter fat biking events taking place across the province of Ontario.


Exploring Ontario’s National Parks with your Bike!

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Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Image Credit:Parks Canada

It's a special year here in Canada with fantastic sesquicentennial events being held all across Canada, including Ontario. If there was ever a time to visit The Great White North, now's that time! To help celebrate this wonderful occasion and the amazing places Canada has to offer, Parks Canada in 2017 wants to give you unlimited opportunities to enjoy National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites across the country - FOR FREE! Click here to order your 2017 Free Parks Canada Discovery Pass! We thought it only appropriate to highlight some of the great cycling in and around Ontario's National Parks. While many don't allow cycling on trails, some have fantastic cycling opportunities both in the parks and in close proximity to them.


A Weekend Away on Simcoe County Trails with Ontario By Bike

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Blog written by Mark McRoberts, a participant on the September 2016 Simcoe County Rail Trail Ride. Reproduced with permission for republication by Ontario by Bike. DAY 1: We had 2 full days of perfect cycling weather on the horizon, which just happens to coincide with our group ride with this nifty little organization: “Ontario By Bike”. Our family booked a weekend trip with them last year and had a good time. So we booked the three of us for this late September weekend tour and trail ride. Booking fall outdoor activities far in advance of any realistic weather forecast is always a bit risky. Occasionally, you can end up with a weekend like this one.


Finding Perfect Road and Training Routes in Ontario

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A seemingly endless distance of quiet, well paved roads exists in Ontario just waiting for cyclists to put rubber to pavement. Take your pick of routes in some of the following destinations and start training for one of the events listed on our Events Page.


9 Outstanding Ontario Cycling Pictures on Instagram in July 2016

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With the August long weekend right around the corner, as we have in the past, we wanted to offer up some inspiration with a selection of top cycling instagram picks from across province from this past month. Keep an eye out on our website, as we'll look to put these posts together every so often! Tag your posts with #OntarioByBike to get your images into one of these posts!


The Unexpected Ride Delights of Niagara South

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It had been awhile since I had gotten off the well beaten path and more popular cycling routes in Niagara that stretch between the Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake. I was keen to head south to the quieter stretches I last had the chance to ride when we were still operating the Toronto Niagara Bike Train service with VIA Rail (now run with more summer frequency by GO Transit).


Creating Memorable Cycling Experience using Multi-Modal Travel in Ontario

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Not just a buzzword or an option in other destinations, combining cycling with different modes of travel in Ontario can be both convenient and add to your next bike adventure.


100km + Club: Goal Breaking Day Trip Road Routes in Ontario

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'Century Rides' are a goal and training milestone for many. The 100 mile routes are offered at lots of cycling events in Ontario. So if you are looking for your next big ride, put some of these top picks on your list. (We've included some Canadian versions too, with a more modest ride distance of 100km.)


10 Stunning Ontario Cycling Pictures on Instagram in May 2016

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With the Canada Day long weekend quickly approaching, we wanted to offer up some inspiration with a selection of top cycling instagram picks from across province. Keep an eye out on our website, as we'll look to put these posts together every so often! Tag your posts with #OntarioByBike to get your images into one of these posts!


Urban Cycling Experiences in Ontario

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There is no better way to get to know an urban centre intimately than by hopping on a bike and pedaling through neighbourhoods, explore downtowns and beyond. Every year city centres across Ontario are adding more bike lanes, improving bikeway networks and creating more connections for cyclists to get from Point A to Point B safely. This allows riders to meander through city streets, accessing incredible parks, trails systems and attractions. Here is a selection of ideas and resources that will help you plan out your next urban cycling adventure in Ontario.


Family Friendly Trail Rides

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Enjoying outdoor activities always makes for a great day out with family. When sticking to off-road trails, biking is a safe and easy activity for all ages. Depending on your riders, make sure there is extra time for stops that may include ice cream, turtle ponds, swimming spots and more.