Ontario By Bike`s 2021 Photo Contest

Redway Road

2020 Fall Photo Contest Winner – Redway Road, Toronto (Credit: Paulette Dalton)

We know cyclists ride in every corner of the province, all year round. Whether it’s in a winter wonderland, the season of bloom, the heat of summer or the cooler temperatures and colorful fall foliage later in the year, we know you love to explore Ontario by bike!

Whether you are with friends, family or on a club ride, take the time to snap a few great photos featuring you and your bikes as well as places you stop.

We’ll be collecting the submissions all year, so take your time and get the shot just right!

Submit your photo/s by email to [email protected]  before the contest closes on November 19, 2021. Be sure to include your name, where you are from and info on where in Ontario the photo was taken.

We are looking forward to another round of great shots from our ride community.

Check out entries from 2020 and previous years

Dabera Yu - Durham Region
Credit: Dabera Yu
Shawn Wyckoff - Victoria Rail Trail
Credit: Shawn Wyckoff
Josie Dinsomore
2019 Fall Photo Contest Winner / Credit: Josie Dinsmore – Amable du Fond River Provincial Park , Calvin
Donna Marie Nyenhuis
Credit: Donna Marie Nyenhuis
2019 Fall Photo Contest
Credit: Doug Robin
2019 Fall Photo Contest
Credit: Laurie I. Sheppard
Norm Bertrad
2018 Photo Contest Winner / Credit: Norm Bertrand – Kelso Conservation Area, Halton Region
2018 Photo Contest
Credit: John Todd
2018 Photo Contest
Credit: Robin Bergart
2018 Photo Contest
Credit: Ed & Lisa
De poster klein
Credit: Rob Kuiper
2018 Winner and Honourable Mentions
Credit: Richard Oldfield
Peter Istvan min
2017 Photo Contest Winner / Credit: Peter Istvan – Fitness Trail, Parry Sound
The Ellis Toronto 300dpi 1
Credit: Brian Ellis
2017 Photo Contest
Credit: Jenny Nourse
2017 Photo Contest
Credit: Shirley Van Steen
2017 Photo Contest
Credit: Ashley Brown
2017 Photo Contest
Credit: Richard Oldfiel
2017 Photo Contest
Credit: Jenny Nourse

Laura Langford Milne Dam Conservation Area Fall Photo Contest Winner 2016 HI Res

2016 Photo Contest Winner – Credit: Laura Langford