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The following blogs and cycling stories include Ontario itineraries, bike rides and routes related to paved road cycling. Whether you’re looking for smooth pavement and endless countryside, quiet roads and curated routes from local Ontario cyclists, read on to find inspiration for your next great Ontario road ride. If you’re looking for gravel road routes and stories, check out the blogs in that category below.

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Ontario By Bike Blogs – Paved Road Cycling

Cycling in Stratford: Life is Better on Two Wheels

July 1, 2024|

Nestled in the heart of Perth County and best known as the home of the Stratford Festival, Stratford is quickly becoming a destination for cycling, boasting routes from easy in-town loops to back-country gravel adventures. With a growing number of bicycle friendly businesses, the city offers a variety of unique accommodations, restaurants ranging from fine dining to quick eats, and services to support every cyclist’s needs.

No Bike, No Problem: Rent a Ride in Kawarthas Northumberland

May 31, 2024|

Read a blog like this, and naturally you start imagining all the places across the province you could ride. Those pesky logistics tend to get in the way, though—what if you can’t transport your bike there, or need an e-bike boost for a longer ride? What if you’re already in the area, but need a good bike shop stat? Fortunately, there are several stellar options throughout the Kawarthas Northumberland region to rent a set of wheels or pick up some needed last-minute bike supplies.

Bike Assist to the Rescue

April 30, 2024|

It can happen – getting caught out on a ride without the right gear to fix a flat or a more challenging mechanical issue that is beyond a trail or curbside repair. Whether you are an avid cyclist or just starting out, there are times when there is no way around it – help is needed. Just a call away, and available to CAA members, CAA Bike Assist® is just that.

Beyond the Bike: 5 Great Reasons to Ride Oxford

February 29, 2024|

Looking for ready-to-go cycling routes on winding roads where crickets outnumber cars with forests and farmland as backdrop for your journey? Oxford County knows the journey continues when you park your ride. Here are 5 post-ride activities that put Oxford in another class for an ultimate cycling getaway.

Exploring the Beauty of Cycling in the Ottawa Valley

February 28, 2024|

Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of eastern Ontario, the Ottawa Valley offers cyclists a haven of breathtaking views, winding trails, and vibrant communities waiting to be explored.

Cycling in Stratford: An Intersection of Culture and Nature

August 31, 2023|

Nestled in the heart of Perth County and best known as the home of the Stratford Festival, Stratford is quickly becoming a destination for cycling, boasting routes from easy in-town loops to back-country gravel adventures. With a growing number of bicycle friendly businesses, the city offers a variety of unique accommodations, restaurants ranging from fine dining to quick eats, and services to support every cyclist’s needs.

Apple Treats & Bike Adventures in Durham Region

May 31, 2023|

Find all the ingredients for a delightful ride, apple adventure and farm fresh experience in Durham Region. Sample some tasty treats at unique ride destinations following one of the region's cycling routes, or creating your own, and enjoy biking from urban centres to the many countryside settings and stops nearby.

Escape the Usual in Ontario’s Near North

April 28, 2023|

You’ve toured Ontario’s ‘wine country’ and ‘cottage country’ by bike, but now you’re in the mood for something different – the Near North. Discovery Routes, a local trail and cycling advocacy organization has developed a series of rides with just the right amount of rustic and urban for cyclists of all abilities, from roadie day-trippers to bikepackers to gravel grinders.

Spend Your Weekend in the Hills of Caledon

April 5, 2023|

Whether you have a penchant for hills, undiscovered gravel backroads, a smooth rail trail or thrilling MTB trails, Caledon has it all – and it's just minutes from Toronto. Take a day or a weekend to unplug and get immersed in scenic Escarpment country – visit Caledon’s historic hamlets and villages, fuel up on local coffees, beer, baked treats and more as you explore their cycling loops designed for every type of rider.

E-Biking in Kawarthas Northumberland

April 1, 2023|

The reasons people choose e-bikes are as diverse as the riders themselves, whether it’s a matter of age, ability, or simply preference. Getting on a e-bike can vastly expand the possibilities available, and for seasoned and new riders alike, Kawarthas Northumberland’s selection of routes is hard to beat.

With Their Cycle Tourism Map, Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island Is Ready for Ontario Cyclists

March 3, 2023|

Every trip I took to the beautiful region of Windsor, Essex & Pelee Island became easier as more and more resources were created to help cyclists like myself who were coming to explore and appreciate the region. All of this culminated with the establishment of the Cycle Tourism Map, which established six distinct trails that span a combined 354 kilometres.

Rolling Into Fall on the Highland Hustle

September 1, 2022|

Time flies, seasons change, but the ride must go on. Yes, the long warm summer days might be fading to memory, but no need to fret; some of the best cycling opportunities Ontario has to offer are still ahead. Welcome to fall, the rolling hills of Durham and Northumberland counties and the Highland Hustle cycling adventure.

Be Your Own Explorer: Cycle Champlain’s Historic Routes Along the Rideau and Ottawa Rivers

September 1, 2022|

*Aussi disponible en français* If you are looking to add a little history and culture to your ride day and learn something new along the way, be sure to check out these bilingual French and English cycling itineraries built around Ontario’s Route Champlain Tourism Route, in and near our capital city, Ottawa.

A Long Weekend in Simcoe County

May 1, 2022|

Rolling from Collingwood to Orillia, the Simcoe County section of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is set up perfectly for a multi-day ride. Signage was completed in spring of 2022 and you’ll pass through wetlands, beaches, farmland and so much more.

Bikes & Beans: Bicycle Cafes Around Ontario

March 30, 2022|

While the cultures of coffee and cycling have long been intertwined both here at home and around the world, over the last few years Ontario has seen an amazing growth in bicycle themed cafes, or cafes specifically targeting cycling as their market and community of focus.

The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, Two Days at a Time

February 28, 2022|

Planning a cycling adventure in Ontario is challenging in the best possible way. There are so many options to choose from – touring routes, bike packing adventures, mountain bike trails, gravel loops – so much to explore, so little time. The impressive Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is one route worthy of any cyclist's bucket list.

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Locals Share Top Rides in Waterloo Region

September 14, 2021|

If you are a keen cyclist chances are you know the best routes in your neighbourhood, city and surrounding area. Hence who better to ask for ride suggestions than a local. We reached out to a few connected friends to ask them to share some insider tips, their favourite rides and destinations in and around Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge areas.

  • St. Lawrence By Bike

Seeing The Sites of the St. Lawrence By Bike

September 1, 2021|

The St. Lawrence River boasts some of the richest history, culture, and scenery in all of Ontario. As someone who has been an avid road-tripper for his entire life, I was used to seeing this spectacular scenery through the windshield of my truck. But it took a three-day ride with Ontario by Bike for me to gain a deeper appreciation of the beauty of eastern Ontario.


7 Incredible Simcoe County Waterfront Cycling Routes

July 27, 2021|

For any cyclist, there’s nothing better than a quiet bike ride on nature-filled paths beside dazzling waters. Here in Simcoe County, we are blessed with a variety of beautiful bodies of water, and much of the Simcoe County waterfronts can be explored by bike!

  • Exploring the Ottawa Valley on Two Wheels

Exploring the Ottawa Valley on Two Wheels

July 14, 2021|

The Ottawa Valley in the Ontario’s Highlands region beckons cyclists to escape the hustle and bustle of urban centres and crowded streets and slow down the pace in a more rural setting. So what can a cyclist expect when choosing the Ottawa Valley for their next cycling adventure? Read on to find out!

  • Chipping Away At The Caledon-Lakeside Ride

Chipping Away At The Caledon-Lakeside Ride

May 26, 2021|

When cycling enthusiast and photographer Martin Lortz learned of the nine cycling loops showcasing the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail and the Greenbelt Route, he first thought, that's pretty cool. After a bit more research, a goal for the season solidified, to ride and check all these loops off the list. Discovering that one of the rides could be practically accessed from his front door and with riding season just around the corner, he thought there is no better time than now, and recently got rolling.

  • Top Cycling Routes Exploring Ontario’s National Parks & Historical Sites

Top Cycling Routes Exploring Ontario’s National Parks & Historical Sites

August 12, 2020|

We are fortunate in Ontario to have both National and Provincial park systems, providing residents and visitors with access to treasured and protected outdoor recreational spaces, many with historical significance. In Ontario there are 6 national parks and 39 historic sites under the stewardship of Parks Canada. One of the best ways to explore some of these parks and sites is on two wheels.

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Do More, See More: Three Unique Day Trips in Kawarthas Northumberland

March 26, 2020|

Summer weekends are precious, and it can be hard to fit everything you want to do into a busy schedule. That’s why bike routes that pair prime cycling with unique destinations are so appealing - you can have your cake and eat it too. Read on if matching a day’s ride with birding, spelunking, or a visit to a living museum sounds intriguing.

  • Autumn Cycling in Haldimand County

Autumn Cycling in Haldimand County

September 27, 2019|

The beginning of autumn in Southern Ontario is signaled by crisp, cool weather and spectacular colours, the perfect conditions for a scenic ride. There is no better place to enjoy the beauty of autumn than in Haldimand County, located a short drive from Hamilton and other major urban centres in Southern Ontario. The peaceful beauty of this rural area makes it the perfect get-away for a day ride or weekend adventure.

  • Round Rice Lake Ride

Round Rice Lake Ride

August 28, 2019|

Even with an estimated quarter of a million lakes in Ontario, there are likely only a very small percentage that make for a compelling round the lake ride and achievable challenge limited to a day or two max. One to certainly add to the 100km+ bucket list is around Rice Lake. Straddling Northumberland and Peterborough Counties, this 32km long and relatively shallow lake is a part of the Trent-Severn Waterway.

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Ride the North

March 6, 2019|

If you have spent anytime cycling in Ontario, chances are you have already experienced some of the top trails and rides in southern Ontario and are looking to set your sights and spin your wheels on new routes. Why not make 2019 the year to ride the north, exploring more of northern Ontario by bike?

  • Ontario’s Blue Coast by Bike

Conquering Ontario’s Blue Coast by Bike

July 24, 2018|

Less than three hours’ drive from Toronto, southwestern Ontario’s Blue Coast offers some of the best waterfront cycling in Ontario, with over 200 kilometres of waterfront to explore. Discover two internationally renowned Blue Flag beaches as well as awe-inspiring natural scenery, impressive local art, and sumptuous local food and drink.

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9 Challenging Strava Segment Hill Climbs by Bike in Ontario

May 22, 2018|

Yes, we humans are a competitive bunch and while we retain a sense of positive community and comradery, it’s in our nature to enjoy knowing where we stand in relation to others. These instincts are being nurtured through a gaming culture that is creeping into every aspect of our daily lives. Gamification is nothing new and is the integration of game mechanics into a product or process to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty.

  • Norfolk County

Go To Ride, Stay to Play in Norfolk County

July 4, 2017|

I had visited Norfolk County a couple of times in the past, using the area as a springboard to a great ride, following the Waterfront Trail, Port Dover to Fort Erie, or as part of a rail trail tour weekend on an Ontario By Bike Ride, from Dundas to Port Dover. I felt I knew something about the bike scene in the area. But it wasn’t until I recently spent a weekend dedicated to exploration and cycling adventures that I experienced a true appreciation for all things Norfolk.

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Finding Perfect Road and Training Routes in Ontario

July 29, 2016|

A seemingly endless distance of quiet, well paved roads exists in Ontario just waiting for cyclists to put rubber to pavement. Take your pick of routes in some of the following destinations and start training for one of the events listed on our Events Page.

  • Peterborough and the Kawarthas

100km + Club: Goal Breaking Day Trip Road Routes in Ontario

June 28, 2016|

'Century Rides' are a goal and training milestone for many. The 100 mile routes are offered at lots of cycling events in Ontario. So if you are looking for your next big ride, put some of these top picks on your list. (We've included some Canadian versions too, with a more modest ride distance of 100km.)