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The following blogs and cycling stories include itineraries and ideas for urban and city bike rides. With huge improvements to cycling infrastructure in Ontario’s cities over the last few years, there’s no better time to explore our lively urban areas by bike. From Toronto’s waterfront and ravine trails to the easy access of some trails by regional transit, read on to discover your next great urban cycling adventure in Ontario.

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Ontario By Bike Blogs – Urban Cycling

Durham’s Trails: A Path For Everyone

June 28, 2023|

Stretching from the shores of Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe, the diversity of terrain in Durham is exceptional, from the paved waterfront trails in Pickering through to Bowmanville, to the smooth rail trails of Uxbridge, to the extensive mountain bike trails of the Durham’s conservation forests along and the rolling Oak Ridges Moraine.

  • Couple Ride Along Fencing

Top Cycling Dates in Toronto

January 31, 2023|

Finding the perfect date spot can be a bit overwhelming in a city as big as Toronto, with such a huge selection of incredible restaurants and bars, magical outdoor spaces, and so many things to see and do. Try these top cycling date ideas for Toronto - urban, trails, islands, beaches - we've got you covered.

  • Family Trail Cycling in Toronto

Family Fun Bike Rides Exploring Toronto

January 2, 2023|

Let the extensive network of off-road paved trails and paths be your guide around Toronto with these top suggested rides for families visiting the city, a great way to keep all active and engaged in fabulous urban outdoor settings.

Discover Art and Toronto Flavours by Bike

August 1, 2022|

Summer hits Toronto hard, sending Torontonians out into the streets and parks to eat, drink, and be merry, making the most of the season. And there’s usually a bike in there somewhere, too.

Bikes & Beans: Bicycle Cafes Around Ontario

March 30, 2022|

While the cultures of coffee and cycling have long been intertwined both here at home and around the world, over the last few years Ontario has seen an amazing growth in bicycle themed cafes, or cafes specifically targeting cycling as their market and community of focus.

  • Cyclists at Brewery

5 Bike & Brew Rides in Toronto

July 30, 2021|

Get inspired to ride with these five routes that will take you to a number of uniquely set craft breweries, discovering new neighbourhoods, trails and bike routes across Toronto.

  • Cycle the Toronto Islands

Cycle the Toronto Islands

June 24, 2021|

Grab a bike and pedal your way to the best island spots to swim, eat, paddleboard, take photos and sunbathe. Follow along below as we take you on a local tour of the Toronto Islands.

  • Biking 101 in Toronto

Biking 101 in Toronto

May 31, 2021|

If you are new to cycling or find yourself riding more than ever before, you are not alone, as the number of cyclists out and about in the past year has skyrocketed. Getting comfortable and being confident on two wheels will help take you to new places safely. Like Driver’s Ed, practice and knowing the rules of the road are necessary. If you are ready to roll, there is no better learning course than the bike trails and bike lanes in Toronto.

  • Discover Art and Toronto Flavours by Bike

Discover Art and Toronto Flavours by Bike

April 28, 2021|

Summer hits Toronto hard, sending Torontonians out into the streets and parks to eat, drink, and be merry, making the most of the season. And there’s usually a bike in there somewhere, too.

  • Bike City

Bike City: A Must See

July 11, 2018|

Whether you are a city resident or just passing through on 2 or 4 or more wheels, there is a fascinating new exhibit recently opened in Toronto that any avid cyclist or budding historian is not going to want to miss. Bike City - On now till November 17 at the Market Gallery located on the second floor of the south St. Lawrence Market. Not to share too many spoilers, as you must go and learn more yourself, here are some of the fascinating bits of historic Toronto bike culture we learned from this well curated and documented exhibit: Bikes have been built in Toronto since 1882. Early manufacturers that included Massey-Harris, merged to create Canada Cycle & Motor Company (CCM brand) to combat American competition.

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9 Challenging Strava Segment Hill Climbs by Bike in Ontario

May 22, 2018|

Yes, we humans are a competitive bunch and while we retain a sense of positive community and comradery, it’s in our nature to enjoy knowing where we stand in relation to others. These instincts are being nurtured through a gaming culture that is creeping into every aspect of our daily lives. Gamification is nothing new and is the integration of game mechanics into a product or process to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty.

  • Tour de Meldrum 2009

Island Ride Time – Top Cycling on Ontario Islands

April 11, 2017|

There is something special about crossing water to a destination beyond. Whether it’s a 5 minute ferry jaunt or multi hour journey, that getaway feeling is inescapable. When you pair it with the freedom of two wheels you'll find the ultimate way to slow down to island time. With an abundance of lakes and rivers, Ontario has beautiful waterfront cycling and thousands upon thousands of islands to visit. Here are a few top picks for island cycling this summer.

  • Urban Cycling Experiences in Ontario

Urban Cycling Experiences in Ontario

June 9, 2016|

There is no better way to get to know an urban centre intimately than by hopping on a bike and pedaling through neighbourhoods, explore downtowns and beyond. Every year city centres across Ontario are adding more bike lanes, improving bikeway networks and creating more connections for cyclists to get from Point A to Point B safely. This allows riders to meander through city streets, accessing incredible parks, trails systems and attractions. Here is a selection of ideas and resources that will help you plan out your next urban cycling adventure in Ontario.