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Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s most breathtaking countries, with its natural beauty and vibrant culture; it creates a perfect place for travelers. In rural Vietnam mountain mist showers the air, tropical breezes are invigorating, and ocean waves are tranquil. It is a place where life is simple and enjoyment comes from people and food. Life here is all about “simplicity and happiness”. Eating and cooking together is always the main focus in Vietnamese culture, therefore there is an enormous emphasis on food and it always takes center stage in all family gatherings and social events. Exquisite and flavorful food can be found at the street side restaurants where there is an abundance of fresh herbs and luscious vegetables picked daily from nearby garden fields. The aroma of bold spices is so captivating, it overwhelms your senses. The smoke from the irresistible herb rubbed chargrilled meats saturates the air. The scenery is welcoming for anyone who desires savory food. In these days of hustle and bustle there is little or no time for enjoyment, but here at Nine North we bring back the times of simplicity where you can enjoy fresh authentic Vietnamese and Thai food food, and great company. We thrive to give you an utterly compelling Vietnamese culture and dining experience, so sit back and enjoy!