Address: 521 Burbrook Pl., London, On, Canada, N5W 4B5

It’s not just great tasting beer and it’s not just brewed here. It’s also grown here and grown in a sustainable manner. Our beer is as local and as organic as possible -This is a truly local beer. Open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from noon-9pm – make us part of your ride about!

We believe that great beers start with superior ingredients. That’s why we choose the finest local and organic malts and hops available. However, contained within the pint is far more than just a great beer. It’s a beer that celebrates the hard work and wisdom of local farmers. It’s a beer that values relationships, cooperation, and community. It’s a beer that recognizes the finite nature of our home planet, and the need to make sustainable choices in everything we do. It’s a beer that believes that a more equitable society starts with a democratic workplace. In short, contained within is a great beer that can better our world, one pint at a time.