Tasting Huron County. Curated food experiences. Delivered. Tasting Huron County Along the Way Tasting Huron County Along the Way allows travellers and locals alike to taste homegrown flavours against a picturesque natural backdrop. With an abundance of hiking and cycling trails including the Guelph to Goderich Rail Trail, the Maitland Trail, parks and conservation areas dotting the county, guests can choose a meeting place and time and the Tasting Huron County team will deliver their favourite picnic essentials from local producers across Huron County. Modern twists on classic picnic salads, cheese and charcuterie, savoury pastries from the local bakery, unique honey products, fresh-pressed juices are some of the foodstuff found in the picnic bag. A range of desserts round out the picnic experiences. Inspired by founder Mandy Sinclair’s love of sunny days picnicking in parks across Europe, she has curated not only her favourite foods, but also a list of favourite spots for getting outdoors, escaping the crowds, and dining with a view that she’ll happily share with guests. Home delivery is available to those who prefer a backyard picnic or cozying up by the fire. Tasting Huron County provides the food, cutlery and plates, while guests arrange their own picnic blanket and other essentials (water, bug spray and sunscreen are a few recommended necessities in Huron County).