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The Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum

Address: 18974 Leslie Street, Sharon, Ontario, Canada, L0G 1V0
Phone: 905-478-2389
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In the Upper Canada of the 1820s, in the Village of Sharon, a small community known as the Children of Peace crafted, with simple tools but consummate skill and artistry, a dramatic architectural testament to its vision of a society founded on the values of peace, equality and social justice.

The center piece of their activity was The Temple. Completed in 1832 and restored in 2011, it is now part of the Sharon National Historic Site, which encompasses nine historic buildings in a park like setting.

Other buildings on the site include David Willson’s Study of 1829 (leader of the local settlers) which is a smaller architectural gem. The Ebenezer Doan house of 1819, constructed by the Temple’s master-builder and relocated from the former Doan family farm nearby, has been restored in an early garden setting. You will see the “cook house” were communal meals were created and served, the “drive shed’ complete with period carriages and do not miss another of David Willson’s architectural curiosities – the round outhouse.



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