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Upper Canada Village

Address: 13740 County Road 2, Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada, K0C 1X0
Phone: 800-437-2233

Come STEP OUT OF YOUR WORLD … escape to another time and place, amidst the sights and sounds of a fully operational 1860s village. Upper Canada Village, is an award-winning re-creation of an 1860s village in Upper Canada just before Confederation. Village. Cosstumed interpreters, a horse drawn tow scow, complete working farm, working mills, places of worship, trade shops, a village confectionary and family physician bring the community to life. Wander in wonderment, listen and learn as you compare today’s life to the ways and tools of yesterday. Upper Canada Village also features a season full of special events, summer camps and other activities. For more information Bike racks available. The St. Lawrence Parks Commission manages award winning attractions and outdoor recreational areas along the majestic St. Lawrence River between Kingston and the Quebec border.


Update on bike racks
On behalf of digitalcyclist, an addendum to earlier review:

"After bringing this to management’s attention, existing racks were placed near the entrance, and they reported that additional racks are on order and to be placed as soon as they arrive. Kudos for the quick response and action!"

Anonymous | June 6, 2012

No bike racks
$15million spent on an incredible new Discovery Centre, and the Village sits right on the Waterfront Trail, with some 5,000+ cyclists pedaling past its front door throughout the summer.

Yet no bike racks! And the people at the information desk didn't know whether bike racks were going to be installed or not!

This site needs to lose its Welcome Cyclists listing until they restore bicycle parking for visitors.

Anonymous | May 29, 2012

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