Ontario By Bike – Communication Tool Kit

The Ontario By Bike Network™ is here to assist regional and local destination partners, as well as tourism businesses to promote and grow the cycle tourism sector in Ontario. This Communication Tool Kit has been compiled by Ontario By Bike to assist with communication outreach to both consumers and businesses in several ways.

For our partners, we’ve created a variety of communication resources such as pre-crafted newsletter articles, social media posts, an updated organizational fact sheet and a boilerplate for inclusion in a media release. The tool kit contains resources for communication to both consumers and industry.

Here are instructions on how to use the different components of the Communications Toolkit. If you wish to download any individual documents, simply click on the title. Note: Any use of these materials requires prior permission from the Ontario By Bike Network.


Many businesses, destination and regional partners have chosen to include the Ontario By Bike logo, URL (www.ontariobybike.ca) and a brief introduction of the program on their websites, cycling maps, brochures or other marketing materials. Including Ontario By Bike details on your cycling material adds value for cyclists. It will help them identify Ontario By Bike as a valuable resource that can be useful to them during their trip planning process. This means easily finding businesses such as accommodations, food services and attractions that are bicycle-friendly in your area.


Ontario By Bike has compiled a one-page fact sheet that outlines many of our achievements, as well as a brief history of the organization since its inception. Please share these facts with colleagues, consumers and various organizations to help emphasize the growth of cycle tourism in Ontario.


When creating a press release that incorporates the Ontario By Bike Network for your business, organization or destination, please include this at the bottom of your release. NOTE: When including this boilerplate in press/media releases, permission must be provided by the Ontario By Bike Network prior to its distribution.


Through this link you will find sample newsletter articles that are applicable for both consumer and industry audiences. Please talk to your communications team about using this article in your organization’s next newsletter. You can fill in your organization’s name in the sections within the bracekets.


When posting on various social networks with content relating to cycling and cycle tourism in Ontario, please encourage staff and partners to use the hashtag – #OntarioByBike. Also, view our pre-written social media posts for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn social networking platforms. Ontario By Bike has developed several social media post ideas that can help drive traffic and engagement through your business’ or organization’s social media accounts.


As our website has grown over the years, and there are now hundreds of pages, we have switched to a google plug-in that will translate all pages directly for our website visitors into French or language of choice. We also publish our annual guide/magazine in French (Le vélo en Ontario) and have worked in partnership with Société Économique de l’Ontario to create ride itineraries as well as industry outreach materials (available soon here in French and English). If you’re interested in having some of your cycling content translated into French, please contact info@ontariobybike.ca.


Ontario By Bike actively works with various content contributors to help build the narrative of cycle tourism experiences throughout Ontario. To submit a story about how your organization, business or destination celebrates cycling and cycle tourism in Ontario, send an email request to info@ontariobybike.ca for various online and offline marketing opportunities.


Ontario By Bike has created a set of tools to assist destination partners in their efforts’ to support and encourage businesses to register and certify their locations within the Network. If your region would like to use this kit to help promote the marketing and organizational benefits for businesses to join the Ontario By Bike Network, please send an email request to info@ontariobybike.ca.


This link provides insight into how to best use local images and video in your cycling promotions. Including images of cyclists exploring local trails or roads in your social media posts, website, or e-newsletter has a significant impact on engaging them to learn more about cycling in your area. Contact your local bike shop, bike club, regional tourism organization or Destination Ontario (to access their image library) and request access to any of their cycling images they may have on file (crediting the source of course!). Ontario By Bike also has a growing digital library of cycling images from various locations throughout Ontario. If you would like to use these images to help promote cycling and cycling-related tourism experiences in your region, please send an email request for images to info@ontariobybike.ca.

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