City of Brantford and County of Brant

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Regional Map + Listings

Photo credit: Destination Brantford

The City of Brantford and County of Brant have become a premier destination in Ontario for its outdoor activities and pristine natural assets, including its splendid cycling experiences. With over 90km of trail winding next to or near the banks of the Grand and Nith Rivers through the only Carolinian Forest in Canada, the urban and rural areas are frequented by cyclists of all skill levels from near and far.

Combining renowned outdoor natural beauty and ‘Best in Class’ amenities with the fact the both the City of Brantford and County of Brant are so accessible from all directions, cyclists are sure to find enjoy an outstanding road or trail adventure exploring the area.

Find bicycle friendly businesses to eat, visit and sleep

These regional routes are not signed, but are mapped and can be found on the County of Brant – City of Brantford Outdoor Adventure Map (see Regional Published Maps and Tools section below for more information).

  • Grand River Loop – Experience all the splendour of Brant through this 48km cycling loop that visits the scenic Grand River shores and weaves through downtown Paris and through the City of Brantford. This route is paved with segments of unpaved trails. Read more about the loop on a blog by Traveling Mitch HERE
  • Paris – Scotland Tour – This 50km loop on paved rural roads starts from the village of Paris to Whiteman’s Creek into the community of Burford.
  • Paris / Falkland Loop – This 18km loop starts and ends at the Paris Fairgrounds and will take riders west of Paris through a mix of urban and rural settings with views crossing over the Nith River.
  • Paris – Ayr Loop – At 35km, this tour starts in Paris and follows the shore of the Grand River before heading west into Ayr and returning to Paris through farmland.
  • Paris / Glen Morris Loop (route shown on print map only) – This 30km road and trail loop starts in Paris and follows the west bank of the Grand River north out of town, passing through Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area, crossing the Grand at the town of Glen Morris, and returning to Paris on the Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail.
  • Cainsville to Onondaga Route (route shown on print map only)- This 6.9km on-road journey takes riders from the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail access point at Papple Rd. all the way to Onondaga, passing through picturesque farmland, across Fairchild Creek to the village of Onondaga on the Grand River, next to the Six Nations Reserve, connecting Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail to the Grand Valley Trail (footpath).
  • St. George / Glen Morris Loop – this 30km on-road loop starts and ends in the village of St. George north of Brantford, taking riders on rolling terrain to a lookout over the Grand River, back down south on the east bank of the grand on East River Rd, with options to join the Cambridge to Paris Trail en-route.

Brant Cycling Club Route Library – View over 30 road and gravel routes on the Brant Cycling Club’s Ride with GPS route library.

  • SC Johnson Trail –This rail trail is 14km of mostly stone dust with some areas of asphalt, running between the communities of Paris and Brantford. The SC Johnson Trail offers a key off-road connection between Paris and Brantford.
  • Gordon Glaves Memorial Pathway – A 15km off-road paved trail that hugs the shoreline of the Grand River through Brantford. Several points along the pathway offer access to rest areas, washrooms and connections into the city.
  • TH & B Trail– Approximately 20km in length, this pathway is mostly stone dust with some areas of asphalt and takes cyclists south out of Brantford, eventually connecting to the Waterford Heritage Trail in Norfolk County.
  • LE & N Trail – Running 6km south out of the city of Brantford, this trail has a stone dust surface and brings cyclists to the village of Mount Pleasant, eventually connecting up with the TH & B Trail, which continues south into Norfolk County.
  • Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail – Running north out of Paris, this 18km trail is a converted rail bed that follows the Grand River through beautiful Carolinian Forest. The trail is level with a stone dust surface. Food and washrooms are available in Glen Morris, Paris and Cambridge. (Part of the Trans Canada Trail)
  • For additional trails and information, visit the trails pages for City of Brantford and trails pages for County of Brant.

Greenbelt Route – The Greenbelt Route is a 475km long, cross regional cycling route and one of Ontario’s Trails of Distinction that officially opened summer 2015. The route connects visitors and locals to Ontario’s Greenbelt as it traverses six regions (the County of Northumberland, Regions of Durham, York, Peel, Halton and Niagara) and the City of Hamilton. The route is fully signed and offers connecting routes from urban centres.

The Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail is a direct connection between the Greenbelt Route and the County of Brant. The closest access point to the Greenbelt Route is Ancaster, located approximately 28km from Brantford.

Ontario By Bike Ride (Hamilton-Brantford-Paris-Port Dover) – In September 2022 (and previously in 2015) Ontario By Bike hosted a small group two-day cycling trip along portions of the Trans Canada and other trails (total distance between 92km or 124km, depending on finish location). The route itinerary starts in Dundas and takes riders through Brantford (with optional extension to Paris) to Port Dover. Ontario By Bike has made available digital (Ride with GPS) mapping, as well as a self-guided itinerary to share with individuals and groups that may be interested in the same ride.

Trans Canada Trail – This cross-Canada trail runs through the County of Brant and through the City of Brantford.  The TCT is a four-season, multi-use trail system with various surface types and users. A number of the County’s trails are incorporated within this larger, national trail system including: T.H & B Trail; SC Johnson Trail and the Gordon Glaves Memorial Pathway.

Connecting Trans Canada Trails in neighbouring regions include:

  • Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail – At nearly 33km of crushed stone, the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail is a stunning off-road trail connection between the communities of Brantford and Hamilton.
  • Use the Trans Canada Trail website’s “Explore The Trail” feature to find access points.
  • Rotary Bike Park –The Rotary Bike Park in Brantford, is a City-run stunt biking course. It is free to use and offers a wide selection of opportunities and challenge levels for beginners through to advanced riders. There is free parking on-site as well as nearby washrooms and access to the City’s extensive trail network. It is open May through October from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily (weather permitting).
  • County of Brant – City of Brantford Outdoor Adventure Map – 2022 – This regional map includes information on the trail system through the County of Brant and City of Brantford plus roads designated as bike routes, bike lanes or shared use lanes. It also features visitor services such as camping, washrooms, car parking and picnic areas. Print copies available at Tourism Brantford’s Tourism Information desk (254 North Park Street, Brantford), call 519-442-1818 or email request to
  • City of Brantford Trails Map – City trails, trail access points and facilities, points of interest and road routes available for download.
  • The Hub of Ontario Trails – Brant’s Crossing – Map showing 8 trails sections and connections from City of Brantford and County of Brant to Hamilton, Waterloo Region, Norfolk County, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.
  • Brant Waterways Trails (Online Map) – This online map features both on-road routes and off-road trails in the region, including portions of the Trans Canada Trail.
  • Hamilton – Brantford – Cambridge Trails (Maps) – These maps were developed in partnership with the Grand River and Hamilton Conservation Authorities and the City of Brantford. They present details on the trail network from Cambridge to Hamilton, including regional conversation areas, trailhead and parking information.
  • Brantford Cyclepath Route Library – Check out a number of favourite local routes from this popular Brantford bike shop, mapped with Strava and Garmin Connect.
  • Brant Cycling Club Route Library – View over 30 road and gravel routes on the Brant Cycling Club’s Ride with GPS route library.

Please note there are may be additional trails, routes, events and information resources for the region that may be of interest and useful to cyclists. 

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