Certification Criteria for Bicycle-Related Listings

If your business provides services to cyclists (e.g., bike shop, service, tours, rentals), please use this category.  If your business or organization is interested in participating in the Ontario By Bike Network and does not fall into any of the other categories listed, please contact us by email or phone to discuss possible inclusions and to offer any additional information.

Obligatory/Minimum Requirements

There are no certification criteria at present

Suggested Additional Services

  • Display of Ontario By Bike Network decal
  • All frontline staff informed of participation in Ontario By Bike Network


Note: All registered locations are subject to the Ontario By Bike Network’s Terms of Assessments, Exclusions and Other Considerations. By registering a location with the Ontario By Bike Network, you understand and accept this terms. Click here view the Terms of Assessments, Exclusions and Other Considerations