Ontario Cycling Event Organizers – Submission Form and Event Eligibility Policy

Ontario Cycling Event Submission Form

Ontario cycling event organizers! Please use the form linked from the button to submit your cycling event to be published on the calendar.

Please note that events need to be submitted by the organizer newly each year. 

Cycling Event Submission Form

Ontario By Bike – Cycling Events Calendar Eligibility Policy (As of April 27, 2023)*

The Ontario By Bike Cycling Events Calendar is designed to be the go-to hub for cycling events in Ontario. On the calendar viewers will find information on a variety of recreational, touring and race events (including fundraisers, Gran Fondos, family friendly and community events, gravel, mountain biking, road and trail events.)

Ontario By Bike encourages a wide variety of Ontario cycling event organizers to submit their event listings through the submission form at the following link and the button above www.ontariobybike.ca/events-submission-form.

Event listings need to be submitted new for each calendar year by event organizers.

Ontario By Bike reviews all Cycling Event Calendar submissions and evaluates against our eligibility policy below in order to determine whether or not a particular listing should be shown on the calendar. We retain the right to refuse to publish a listing that we feel does not meet our eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

The Cycling Events Calendar is intended to be a place for community-focused and not-for-profit cycling events that generally:

  • Are open to and encourage general public participation
  • Are intended to promote cycling participation, the host destination/tourism, and benefit the local community or a social cause
  • Occur at a specific time and place
    • The calendar is geared towards one-off events, though we do allow event series subject to certain conditions below
Event Series – Special Conditions
  • For event series stretching one month or greater, we request that event organizers do not submit their event as a multi-day event, but submit one 1-day event listing for each month the event is running, and advertise the event duration in the event description. If the event is 2 weeks or less, we will permit the event to be submitted as a multi-day event, displaying across all days of the series in the monthly calendar view. This is intended to keep our monthly calendar view from being overly cluttered and unreadable for users.
  • If the event is not submitted in this format, Ontario By Bike will revise the listing before publishing, to meet the special condition stated above.
Sanctioned vs. Non-Sanctioned Cycling Races and Events
  • Please note that the Ontario By Bike Cycling Events Calendar lists cycling events that are both sanctioned and non-sanctioned.
    • Sanctioned cycling events meet certain standards, technical guidelines and are covered by special event insurance from particular sanctioning organizations, which include the provincial, national, and international bodies ie. Ontario Cycling, Cycling Canada, and Union Cycliste International (UCI).
    • Non-sanctioned cycling events, many of which will still carry liability insurance, may be organized using different guidelines and standards. While many of these events are well organized and safe, it is important for cyclists to understand the various risks associated with participating in sanctioned and non-sanctioned cycling events. For more information, please visit Ontario Cycling at ontariocycling.org/sanctionedevents
  • Competitive race events only open to Ontario Cycling or UCI Race License holders are encouraged to be submitted to the calendar if spectators are also encouraged to attend
Cycling Event Calendar Exclusions

For-Profit Cycling Tours

  • The calendar is not intended to advertise for-profit cycling tours, either guided or self-guided. Ontario By Bike has a separate webpage to showcase tour operators across the province at ontariobybike.ca/events/tours.

For-Profit Training Sessions

  • The calendar is not intended to advertise for-profit training sessions, weekends or camps.
Ontario By Bike Events/Rides
  • Ontario By Bike retains the right to list all events, tours and rides organized by the organization, on the event calendar it administers.

*As administrators of the event calendar, Ontario By Bike reserves the right to update this Cycling Events Eligibility Policy.