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2021 Cycling In Ontario Guide

Locals Share Top Bike Rides in Waterloo Region

If you are a keen cyclist chances are you know the best routes in your neighbourhood, city and surrounding area. Hence who better to ask than local riders for their favourite rides and destinations in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge areas for some great fall cycling.


Seeing The Sites of the St. Lawrence By Bike

The St. Lawrence River boasts some of the richest history, culture, and scenery in all of Ontario. As someone who has been an avid road-tripper for his entire life, it took a three-day ride with Ontario by Bike for me to gain a deeper appreciation of the beauty of eastern Ontario.


Ontario By Bike Photo Contest


Ontario By Bike's 2021 photo contest is open for submission. Click below to learn how to participate in the contest and to see all the great winners and honourable mentions from previous years.

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Perth County, St Marys & Stratford

Perth County, St Marys & Stratford Destination Stratford

The County of Perth and the two independent municipalities of Stratford and St. Marys within its census division are a quaint agricultural area in southwest Ontario where cyclist can find scenic countryside routes passing through farmlands and along the Avon River as well as idyllic and charming communities filled with local culture and small businesses that warmly welcome visitors.

Rural roads, both paved and unpaved traverse the area, alongside farms and fields, often with little traffic, making it perfectly suited for great cycling adventures. Cyclists heading into the communities of St. Marys and Stratford will find the charm and culture of buzzing destinations that are home to many great businesses offering local products and unique culinary delights. Visiting Stratford between April and September offers the chance to experience the world-famous Stratford Festival renowned for the fantastic Shakespearean plays. For those who are looking to hit the trails, a number of wetlands and conservation areas such as the Thames Nature Trail & Wetlands or Wildwood Conservation Area are located within the county borders, all of which can be explored by bicycle. Cyclists coming from the surrounding areas can cycle into Perth County on the cross regional G2G Trail traversing the northern part of the county.

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  • Perth County Cycle Routes & Trails Information

    The following routes are published on the 2021 Perth County, St. Marys & Stratford Cycling Map. www.perthcounty.ca/cycle 

    • PCCT 2020 Stratford Lisbon Wellesley - 60km (no gravel)
    • Listowel Millbank Milverton – 66km (no gravel)
    • Listowel - Atwood – 25km (no gravel)
    • Listowel Britton Atwood – 32km (no gravel)
    • Mitchell Dublin Dairy Bar Loop - 27km
    • Cycle Stratford Stratford Mitchell Loop - 57km
    • Cycle Stratford Avonton Loop - 26km
    • Cycle Stratford Wartburg Route - 30km
    • Cycle Stratford - Stratford SW – 66km (70% gravel)
    • Cycle Stratford Ellice Swamp Route – 52km
    • Perth County Paolo Picnic + Espresso - Stratford St Marys - 59km (30% gravel)

    Stratford and Perth County Cycle Routes– Created by Cycle Stratford, these routes begin and end in Stratford, and lead on longer journeys through the nearby areas of Perth County. The routes are plotted on paved roads. There are nine routes available varying in distance between 26km and 59km. 

    Perth County Cycling Routes – 6 rural road routes outside the communities of Listowel, Millbank, Milverton, Mitchell, Stratford, Shakespeare, and St Marys. The routes follow paved but quiet country roads with distances between 20km and 85km

    West Perth Thames Nature Trail - West Perth consists of about 10km of tails that are ideal for walking, hiking, jogging or biking. The trails wind through wetlands and follow along the Thames River with scenic landscapes, lush green space and natural animal habitats. 

    West Perth Wetlands Nature Trail - The West Perth Wetlands include 65 acres featuring 3 rehabilitated ponds, 10kms of walking trails of which some are also accessible by bike. 

    North Perth Trail System - This trail system is approximately 22km long and can be used in all four seasons on foot or by cycling, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobiling. Trails stretch from Gowanstown to Listowel (currently under construction) and from Listowel to Henfryn. 

  • St. Marys Cycle Routes & Trails Information

    The Loop Trail – A 13km route starts and ends downtown and takes riders past natural and historic sites throughout the town of St. Marys on mixed surfaces. 

    PCCT 2021 Stratford, St Marys Return – This mid-length 60km route uses paved regional roads. The route also passes through downtown St Marys, up close to the falls and the GTR trestle bridge. 

    Grand Trunk Trail – 3.2km of paved, accessible trail. This historic walking/cycling trail was once operated as the Grand Trunk Railway.

  • Stratford Cycle Routes & Trails Information

    The following routes are published on the 2021 Perth County, St. Marys & Stratford Cycling Map. www.perthcounty.ca/cycle 

    • Cycle Stratford / ATAC Festival City Route - 12km
    • Cycle Stratford Anne Hathaway#1 - 9km
    • Cycle Stratford Avon#2 - 9km
    • Avon River Rover (Dam, Theatres) - 7km

    Stratford In City Routes – Created by Cycle Stratford, these routes are shorter and stay within the city limits of Stratford. Some routes include multi-use trails, and all highlight Stratford’s neighbourhoods. There are six routes available that range in distance from 6.5km to 13km.

    Stratford Cycling Tour – A 13.6km looped cycling route that lets riders enjoy the city of Stratford through a network of trails and quiet roads.

    T.J Dolan Trail – A network of 17 trails near Stratford, which are suitable for mountain biking. Total distance: 9km

  • Regional Mountain Biking Trail Systems

    Wildwood Conservation Area Trails - Wildwood's four hiking and biking trails range in length from 1.2km to the 24km lake trail. All trails are multi-purpose and can be used by both hikers and cyclists. Find a bike wash station, bike maintenance and repair station and camping on-site. Entry permit required.

    • Wildwood Conservation Area Mountain Bike Itinerary - This mountain bike itinerary for includes trail information as well as nearby restaurants, cafes and accommodations.

  • Cross-Regional Routes and Trails

    Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail - Known as the G2G, this 127km multi-use linear trail runs along the former CPR railway line stretching from the waters of Lake Huron in Goderich to downtown Guelph. It is overseen and maintained by volunteers and steward groups who are passionate trail enthusiasts and continuously work on improving the trail.

    In Perth County, In Perth County, the trail passes the northern part of the county between the communities of Millbank and Monkton.

  • Regional Published Maps and Tools

    Perth County Cycle Map CoverStratford, St. Marys & Perth County Cycle Map - (PDF & Print) Newly published in 2021, download a copy or pick up one at participating locations (TBA).

    Perth County Digital Hike and Bike Map – A digital route map that shows information about hiking and cycling trails within Perth County.

    Explore Stratford and Perth County Map – This print map features six on-road cycling routes, four off-road trails and multiple points of interests across Perth County.

    St. Marys Trails Map – This trail guide features over 25km of trails and parklands of which some are suitable for biking. There are a number of points of interest within the town of St. Marys.

* Please note there may be additional trails, routes, events and information resources for the region that may be of interest and useful to cyclists. Changes to the above links, listings and cycling routes may occur.


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