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New Summer Humdinger Bicycle Tours

Lake Kashawagigamog

Newly expanded trip options to meet the growing interest in summer vacations that can accommodate physical distancing include an Orillia Pedal, Pints & Pubs tour. Additional tours offered include Bruce County and new single day tours.


A New Spin on Stratford

If its been a while since you visited Stratford you may want to consider exploring the great outdoors this summer, starting on your bike! Create your own path to experience Stratford, or discover one of the many road cycling routes and trails nearby.


2020 Cycling In Ontario Guide

2020 Ontario By Bike Photo Contest


Ontario By Bike's 2020 photo contest is now open for submission. Whether it's in a winter wonderland, the season of bloom, the heat of summer or the cooler temperatures and colourful fall foliage, take a break and snap a few great photos featuring you and your bikes as well as places you stop.

Click HERE for information about submission and last year's winner.



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Guest Blogging Guidelines

Why Contribute as a Guest Blogger?

The Ontario By Bike™ Network is the premier cycle tourism trip planning resource for Ontario. Through a variety of marketing channels (online, email, social and print), we aim to inspire visitors and residents to explore of Ontario more by bike. Cyclists can find regional great places to cycle, links to useful cycling maps, as well as day or multi day cycling itineraries with stops at some of the 1,400 certified bicycle friendly businesses along routes in every corner of the province. Help us tell the story of the countless cycling experiences that are available for beginner, recreational and experienced cyclists, whether they're riding on paths, roads or mountain bike trails.

Beyond getting to inspire someone to get out on their bicycle, here are some of the advantages to contributing with a guest post submission:
  • Branding – Ontario By Bike has received over 160,000 in the first 6 months of 2018. We want to work with aspiring and established writers to help raise their profile in cycling and tourism.
  • Backlinks – A great source of traffic to your blog and social profiles. We're happy to backlink to your site and other resources as long as they are appropriate and not perceived as a part of a link-building scheme.
  • Blog Stats – We'll happily share with contributors the metrics associated with their posts.
  • Join the Pack – Be one of a growing number of contributors on Ontario By Bike, who are helping to raise the profile of cycling experiences in the amazing province of Ontario.
This guest blogging opportunity is unpaid. We appreciate the time and effort it takes to create high quality stories with compelling imagery, but as a not-for-profit project we're simply unable to offer paid contributions. We do rely on the community of passionate cyclists.

Guidelines for Contributions

  • Ontario By Bike will only publish high-quality, original content on its blog. We won't publish duplicate content, but don't worry, we have an option for you. If you have a great story to share, but have already published on your own personal blog; why not tell us an original story and we’ll publish this original work with a link to the already-published work on your blog.
  • The topics can vary, but they must relate to cycling in Ontario. Consider topics like cycling route or itinerary reviews, family-friendly trails and tips on places to visit by bike with kids, inspirational stories, mountain bike trail experiences, challenging road routes, or overnight touring experiences
  • There is no defined length required, however for a submission to be approved, it must cover a topic comprehensively, be compelling, detailed and clearly articulated.
  • Include proper attribution of third-party content (images, data and quotations) used or referenced in the post.
  • Ontario By Bike reserves the right to edit headlines, body copy and anything else within the post, as well as make future updates for consistency and accuracy.
  • Once a piece of writing has been submitted, it becomes the property of Ontario By Bike, while full credit will always be given to the individual(s) who submitted the post.
  • Ontario By Bike reserves the right to include calls-to-action to Ontario By Bike content, including but not limited to email newsletters, events/tours, and other downloadable content, such as partner maps.

Here are some examples of guest blog posts we've approved in the past:

What we won't accept:

  • Anything that's of poor quality and is not original content
  • Anything that's been covered on our blog before
  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme
  • Anything that's too promotional for you, your company or organization
  • Anything that's offensive or inaccurate
  • Anything that's overly critical of individual, companies or destinations -- this is not a site to air grievances
  • Press Releases

How to Submit Your Post

Please email info [at] ontariobybike [dot] ca with the following:

  • A completed post as a Word Doc
  • Image files (with credit) in a separate folder
  • Short author bio including a maximum of one anchor text link to your own website

If your article meets editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know your article will be published. That process may take a few days. Thanks for your patience!.

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