Huron County

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Huron County

Tucked in-between the shores of Lake Huron in the west and surrounded by rural countryside, the vibrant agricultural area of Huron County offers a large variety of landscapes and small town communities perfectly suited to be explored by bike. Discover over 100km of scenic coastline, numerous heritage sites and a lush countryside with farms and fields, all connected by an extensive route network.

Ride the paved roads suited for both road and mountain bikes or take a leisurely trail cruise, and cycle through pretty rural and predominately flat landscapes. Follow in part or the entire 141km of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, stopping at welcoming towns, beaches and parks on the waterfront. With something for every type of cyclist, Huron County also provides a number of information resources and published maps that cyclists can use to assist with planning cycling activities and routes in the region.

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Huron County Cycling Routes – Huron County has 29 suggested cycling routes recommended by local cyclists divided into Northern, Central and Southern geographic areas of the County.” Route distances vary in length and difficulty from 17km to 86km and pass through many communities such as Goderich, Bayfield, Blyth, Zurich, Exeter and more.

Goderich Triathlon Route – A 45km cycling route out of Goderich. The annual August Goderich Triathlon has attracted hundreds of athletes since 1992 to test their skills at this swimming, cycling and running event. This cycling route has the most challenging elevations in the area, and some great scenery.

Point Farms Provincial Park – Located on the shores of Lake Huron close to Goderich, this provincial park features a number of trails and roadways that are permitted for cyclists.

Wingham Community Trail – The trail runs from east to west, meandering along the old abandoned rail bed, crossing the Maitland River and then making a loop around the Turnberry Flood Plain Conservation Area to take you back. Several benches are placed along the trail on the east side of the river and a covered gazebo is at the east end of the trail. Enjoy the scenic view of the river from the old CNR Bridge and the natural growth and plantings along the trail. Distance: 2 km. loop.

Blyth Greenway Trail – The development of this trail was a community project that includes a walking trail, a fitness trail and a fish habitat improvement area. The trail is situated on the former CPR rail line and runs adjacent to the Blyth Brook. Along the trail you will see wood duck nesting boxes and will enjoy the spectacular vista view of the countryside. The trail ends at a unique stone arch bridge built by the Grand Trunk Railway. Parking is available just east of the bridge. The trail runs east and west of the bridge located on County Rd. #4 in Blyth. Distance 1.37 km with 0.46 km loop.

Hullet Provincial Wildlife Area – Located on the paths of two major waterfowl flyways, the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area is one of the most spectacular wildlife habitat developments in Eastern Canada. The 18 km of dyke tops and 13 km of established trails are great for hiking and cycling. The trails meander through interior forests, native grasslands, meadows and flood plains, while the dykes and viewing stands allow for an elevated view of the wetlands.

Maitland Cemetery – In an effort to rehabilitate the area after the August 2011 tornado, groves of trees and wildflowers were planted by sponsoring organizations, families and individuals. Enjoy the spectacular look-out view of the rapids at Pipers Dam eighty feet below. Distance 2 km.

Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail– Starts at the former location of the CPR Station, at the Goderich Harbour (Harbour St.). It crosses behind the elevators to North Harbour Road to the Menesetung Bridge where there is a magnificent view of the Maitland River. The Menesetung Bridge was built as a railway bridge in 1907. Beyond the bridge, follow the abandoned CPR line to the Tomb of Tiger Dunlop, one of Huron County’s colourful historical figures.

MacNaughton-Morrison Trail – This all-season trail winds through the picturesque Ausable River Valley between MacNaughton Park in Exeter and Morrison Dam Conservation Area on Morrison Line. The trail passes through towering hardwood and pine forests, skirts along the Ausable River and gives a bird’s eye view of the river valley at several lookouts. It’s also one of the best places to see the area’s unique white squirrels. 4 km loop.

Morrison Dam Conservation Area – The human made reservoir outside of Exeter features a number of hiking trails through scenic wildlife. The main trail around the lake is open to mountain bikers and consists of the 2.6km main loop.

Goderich Millennium Trail – a 3.7km lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh. Mountain biking is allowed but there are some stairs and the trail is mainly used for hiking.

Goderich by the River Mountain Bike Trail – This 2km popular blue singletrack trail is primarily used for mountain bike in both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating with a 56 m blue climb.

Taylor Tract – Reforested in the 1950’s as a part of the “Agreement Forest” program, a partnership between the Provincial and Municipal governments and local communities resulting in the planting of over 1.2 million trees on County owned properties. Taylor Tract contains many Eastern White Pine, making it a great place to marvel at our provincial tree. Distance: 2 km loop.

Stingel Tract – Purchased by Huron County in 1948, nearly 100,000 trees were planted here to reforest unproductive farmland. Located northwest of the village of Dungannon, this area was surveyed as a “long” hundred acre farm, nearly 1.35km in length and 30% longer than typical 100 acre farms further south. The main trails are an easy ride, ending in a gentle incline to the beautiful Nine Mile River that bisects the southeast corner of the property. Distance: 4 km.

Sheppardton Tract – Named for the nearby pioneer village of Sheppardton, this 280 acre property is the largest of the Huron County forests. Because it contains a significant wetland within 2 km of Lake Huron, part of the property is classed as a rare “coastal wetland.” While the topography is relatively level, seasonal flooding and a high water table may be an issue the spring and fall. Located just north of Point Farms Provincial Park. Distance: 6.5 km.

Stevenson Tract– Explore a piece of Ontario’s reforestation legacy on the beautiful mixed forest trails of the 200 acre Stevenson Tract. Purchased by the County in 1951, this property was part of a province-wide effort to reforest fragile lands for the improvement of water quality, reduction of flooding and conservation of soil. Bi-sected by the Maitland River and the Sunshine Creek. Distance: West Main Loop – 2.32 km.; East Main Trail – 0.54 km.

Robertson Tract – The Robertson brothers were passionate about reforestation. In 1936 they started planting trees on marginal farmland, making Robertson Tract one of the oldest plantations in the County. The brothers were so dedicated to the effort that they left their family farm to the County in 1947 as a legacy for future generations and a permanent natural buffer to the Maitland River. Distance: 2 km.

Rea Memorial Tract – The estate of Mr. William Rea (pronounced r-a-y) donated this property to Huron County in 1969 as a natural legacy for future generations. A sea of green periwinkle marks the location of the original homestead on the property, and the combination of wetlands and upland forest make it home to bio-diverse plants and wildlife. The sloping topography creates a moderate cycling challenge and a nice diversion from the flat G2G trail on the south side of the property. Distance: 1.2 km.

The Bayfield River Flats – A wonderful place for family fun and fishing enthusiasts. It is a natural area on the river at the Hwy. #21 Bayfield Bridge. The short trail includes picnic tables, a canoe launch, a butterfly meadow, and points of historic interest. Distance: 0.7 km.

The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail – Stretching over 3,000km, the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is a route connecting over 140 communities and First Nations along the Canadian shores of the Great Lakes: Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, Lake Erie, Detroit River and Lake St Clair, Lake Huron, Georgian Bay and the North Channel. The fully signed Trail uses the safest infrastructure possible, a mix of both on-road and off-road facilities, and is primarily paved, with sections of unpaved path and gravel roads. It can be enjoyed for as part of a day trip or on a multi-day long distance cycling adventure.

The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail traverses the entire region of Huron County north-south on 141km mostly following quieter rural roads. Heading north of Goderich the route crosses the Menesetung Bridge and can follow (optional) part of the Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail. A gap exists south of the Bayfield River through the Municipality of Bluewater. Proposed routing is indicated on the map based on locally promoted cycling routes but also includes 12km on Highway 21 with increased traffic between St. Joseph and Grand Bend.

Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail – Known as the G2G, this 127km multi-use linear trail runs along the former CPR railway line stretching from the waters of Lake Huron in Goderich to downtown Guelph. It is overseen and maintained by volunteers and steward groups who are passionate trail enthusiasts and continuously work on improving the trail.

In Huron County, the trail passes through the communities of Blyth, Auburn and Goderich, where local attractions, restaurants and accommodations can be found. The trail also incorporates the 12km long Goderich to Auburn Rail Trail (G.A.R.T).

2021 Ontario’s West Coast Cycling Guide – Coming Soon

* Please note there may be additional trails, routes, events and information resources for the region that may be of interest and useful to cyclists. Changes to the above links, listings and cycling routes may occur.


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