Ontario By Bike Ride – June 2020

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This ride is now over

A detailed itinerary for this ride is available below for download. 

Enjoy great trail riding with a self-guided ride experience. 

This route and ride itinerary was compiled for the June 2020 Ontario By Ride, a small group tour and has been made available to share with individuals and groups that may be interested in the same ride.

Due to COVID-19, we amended our itinerary from regular end to

end route (view here), to create daily looped rides.

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1000 Island St. Lawrence River Ride

Total Distance: 147km trail out and back (to 175km if looped routes choosen)  

The Ride: Cycle one of the most spectacular routes in Ontario discovering the 1000 Islands and St. Lawrence River. With day rides out of Brockville and Morrisbury, this tour, following the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, features a mix of trails and roads. Plan to slow down the pace to take in the scenery and make the most of waterfront rest stops and villages. Enjoy a night in both Brockville and Morrisburg for the second night with riding taking in an array of natural and heritage attractions in a region once more commonly known as ‘Upper Canada’.

Experience Level and Ride Guide: Moderate. Riders need to have some experience on roads with vehicle traffic as the route is approximately half on roads and half on trails or park roads. The route does follow a signed bike route, the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, but not all segments have bike lanes or paved shoulders to ride on. Some of the road route is on very quiet country roads, other segments are busier. Off-road trails do incorporate some segments of unpaved surfaces, which are hard-packed, and easy to ride. The majority of the ride is on paved surfaces and combined with limited elevation changes, the flat terrain makes this ride suitable for hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes.

View digital route of the tour – See below for updated daily itineraries. (Original itinerary – end to end – RideWithGPS.com)

OBBR Aug Photo Strip 1Photo Credits: Ontario By Bike

Day 1: Brockville & West – 50/56km

2020 itinerary: A short ride out of Brockville will connect riders to the 37km off-road and paved 1000 Island Parkway Recreational Bike Path. Pedaling into the heart of the 1000 Islands, this first day features a stunning, world-class cycling experience on the trail running adjacent to the glistening waters of the St. Lawrence River. Slow down for panoramic lookouts and island views and beach picnic areas. Choose to cool down with a post-ride dip in the river at St. Lawrence Park, just west of downtown Brockville or head into town, visiting the certified bicycle friendly downtown area. Visit the newly opened historic railway tunnel and shops in town.
View digital route – Brockville West: Out and Back – Trail Option (50km). www.ridewithgps.com/routes/32611309 
Looped option, including trail east and country roads back, also available. www.ridewithgps.com/routes/32611401

Day 2: Morrisburg & East – 47/59km

2020 itinerary: Using your personal vehicle, drive to day 2 start location from hotel in Morrisburg (approximately 45 min east of Brockville.) Set out from accommodations conveniently located alongside the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, following this signed route east out of town. At Crysler Farm Battlefield Park, learn more about this site and its significance in the War of 1812. Nearby, stop in at Upper Canada Village to see a rebuilt 19th-century village. Follow the unpaved, but easy-to-ride trail eastward into the quiets of the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary, stopping at the interpretative centre. Continuing east, a highlight of the weekend is the Long Sault Parkway, a park road that joins 11 picturesque islands afloat in the St. Lawrence. If you choose to continue further east, make a last stop in the fascinating Lost Villages Museum, to learn more.
View digital route – Morrisburg East: Out and Back – Trail Option (47km). www.ridewithgps.com/routes/32611453
Looped option, including trail east and country roads back, also available. www.ridewithgps.com/routes/32611542

Day 3: Morrisburg & West – 50/56/60km

2020 itinerary: Adding to the sights and spectacular stops from the first two days, there is so much to see and do on the last day of this tour. Riding on roadways, with many kilometres of paved shoulders, the route on Day 3 is through quiet rural countryside, with pretty pastoral farmlands alongside the St. Lawrence River. Stop in small towns, slow down for historical plaques and local museums, as this area is rich in Canadian heritage. After a picnic lunch at the Riverside Park in Cardinal, pedal back to Morrisburg to end the ride.
View digital route – Morrisburg West: Out and Back – Trail Option (50km). www.ridewithgps.com/routes/32611627
Looped option, including trail east and country roads back, also available. www.ridewithgps.com/routes/32611689
Or Morrisburg West to Brockville – Trail 1-Way & Personal Vehicle Pick-Up Option. www.ridewithgps.com/routes/32611749

Getting To / From Start:
Brockville is located approximately 3.5 hours from either downtown Toronto & 2.5 hours from Montreal and less than 2 hours from Ottawa.

Arriving Early / Staying Late: 
Consider an overnight option at one of Ontario By Bike’s certified bicycle-friendly accommodations in the southeastern Ontario here.

Image Group 1000 Island River Ride

Photo Credits: Ontario By Bike

Additional Visitor Information:

Use below to find out more about ride areas and plan an extra day or two to see more.

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Ontario By Bike
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