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ontario cycle tourism forum 2013

Bikes Mean Business

Celebrating and capitalizing on Ontario’s growing cycle tourism industry

March 1, 2013 – Toronto, Ontario

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About the Conference

Ontario is on its way to becoming a premier cycling destination. Over the past 5 years, Ontario’s cycle tourism sector has grown significantly, with many regions, municipalities, communities and businesses taking steps forward, experiencing positive results and recognizing that Bikes Mean Business.

Four years have passed since we hosted the well attended 2009 Ontario cycle tourism conference, making 2013 an optimum time to catalyze further growth in the sector with a dedicated event. The Ontario Cycle Tourism Forum 2013 bought together cycle tourism product growth opportunities and economic development with presentations that:

  • Showcased Ontario’s cycle tourism success stories
  • Presented evidence and examples of how Bikes Mean Business to the Ontario tourism industry
  • Provided an opportunity for regional stakeholders to network and connect with one another and a larger provincial wide network at and beyond the conference
  • Inspired new stakeholders to enter and existing stakeholders to increase participation in the cycle tourism sector
  • Supplied information, motivation and new tools to pursue this growing market

The one day conference took place in downtown Toronto on Friday, March 1. Over 130 participants from across Ontario attended, representing tourism and business stakeholders, public and private sector partners, from rural and urban communities all at various stages of growing their cycle tourism product.

Conference Coordinators

The Ontario Cycle Tourism Forum was coordinated by the Ontario Ontario By Bike Partnership, a new initiative of the non profit organization, Ontario By Bike Industry PartnershipTransportation Options Association of Ontario. For over twenty years, Transportation Options has been dedicated to fostering sustainable mobility and tourism solutions across Ontario, developing and supporting a range of innovative programs.

The conference would not have been possible without the assistance from valued partners and sponsors listed below.

For information on the 2009 Ontario Cycle Tourism Forum including Final Report and Recommendations, Program and Speaker Lists – Click here

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