Toronto Locations: Welcome to the Ontario By Bike Network!

Cyclist in front of patio, cyclists and CN town, mountain bikers at trail head

Welcome to the Ontario By Bike Network!

If your location has been approved and certified as bicycle friendly, we invite you to review the listing at the business directory button below, which is also linked from the “Find bicycle friendly businesses to eat, visit and sleep” button on our consumer-facing  Great Places to Cycle Page for Toronto at

Toronto Bicycle Friendly Business Directory
Toronto Great Places to Cycle Page

If your location has been certified as bicycle friendly, you will have received in your welcome package an Ontario By Bike Network window decal, rack cards, and a copy of the Cycling in Ontario Guide.

As mentioned in your welcome letter, please find the following digital resources available for online viewing or download below.

  • Ontario By Bike Network Participants Tool Kit. This publication contains a wealth of information on the Ontario By Bike Network, much of which was detailed during the Ontario By Bike Workshop when it was held in your area. Consider using this tool kit as a resource to inform staff who will be working at the certified bicycle friendly location and will be interacting with visitors.
  • Ontario By Bike Network – Regional Cycling Resource for Toronto. The publication can be used as a resource to assist bicycle friendly tourism businesses to better understand and communicate to customers the various cycling experiences and resources available throughout Toronto.
Download Network Participant Toolkit
Download Toronto Cycling Resource

2022 Webinar: Welcoming Cyclists to Your Business with Ontario By Bike

If you missed our November 2022 workshop series, feel free to watch the below webinar recording to learn more about cycling and cycle tourism in Toronto, Ontario, and around the world, and get helpful tips on how to welcome and cater to cyclists.