GO Transit Service

2024: GO Transit service between Toronto and Niagara

GO Transit service is available seven days a week between Toronto and Niagara, all year round, including 3 trains daily. 

Summer Season Bike Transportation

(See below for travel in other seasons and information on using GO Transit with your bike)

The summer schedule has trains running Saturday’s, Sunday’s and holiday’s from the May long weekend through till Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. There are usually 3 trains on each scheduled day with up to 4 bike coaches, each with capacity for 22 bikes, in new bike coaches updated for expanded service in 2024. (Read more HERE.)

Find more info HERE on GO Transit services between Toronto and Niagara, and also below.
Also visit www.gotransit.com

Stops at: Union, Exhibition, Port Credit, Oakville, Burlington, Aldershot, West Harbour, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls
(Not all trains stop at all stations enroute, check schedule)
Train travel time: Approximately 2 hours, Toronto – Niagara
Cost: $30 round trip between Toronto & Niagara Falls. (For other stops – price varies by stop). Find year round ticket purchase info HERE.
Summer service bike transportation – first come, first serve, no extra charges apply.

Niagara GorgeThe Toronto-Niagara Seasonal GO Train Service provides service between Toronto’s Union Station and Niagara Falls Station, with stops at a number of additional stations including St Catharines.

Niagara Falls Station is ideally situated one block from the Niagara River Recreation Trail, a primarily off-road 56km paved path. Cycle north on a beautiful 20km ride to see the Niagara Gorge, abundant wineries and historic Niagara-on-the-Lake and explore Niagara’s Greenbelt. Cycle south on the path to see the magnificent Niagara Falls, and beyond to Fort Erie.

St Catharines station is located a short ride from the city’s compact downtown. It is also a great starting point to explore Port Dalhousie, the historic Welland Canal, 20 Valley wine routes and mountain biking trails around the Niagara Escarpment and through Greenbelt areas.

There are a number of trails and routes to enjoy where ever you stop. We have listed a number of featured itineraries and additional trip planning resources to help plan your Niagara bound trip.

By taking Toronto-bound trains cyclists can access Toronto’s 1,000km Bikeway network and explore the city the best way, by bike. See the Toronto – Great Place to Cycle webpage for more information.

Whether you are cycling one way on the Waterfront Trail, enjoying a trip out with the family or a leisurely pedal within the Greenbelt, the Bike Train can get you to where you want to go.

With trains also stopping in Burlington and Oakville – See the Halton Region – Great Place to Cycle webpage for more info.
With trains also stopping in Hamilton (Alderstot & West Harbour) – See the Hamilton – Great Place to Cycle webpage for more info.

Other Seasons Bike Transportation

During non summer season most trains (as well as buses) allow for a maximum of two bikes in each of the Designated Bicycle Zones onboard trains or in dedicated bike racks on buses. Some departures require transfers between GO trains to GO buses.

Cost: $30 round trip between Toronto & Niagara Falls. (For other stops – price varies by stop).
Find year round ticket purchase info HERE.


Using GO Transit With Your Bike

There are certain restrictions in travelling with you bike using GO Transit trains and buses.

  • Bicycles are allowed on GO Trains except during weekday rush hour service in the peak direction, due to the high volume of passengers travelling to/from the city – Toronto.
  • Most trains and buses  allow for a maximum of two bikes in each of the Designated Bicycle Zones onboard trains or in dedicated bike racks on buses.
  • Due to the high volume of passengers, bikes are not permitted inside Toronto Union Station during weekday rush hours (Morning rush hour is 6:30AM to 9:30AM; Evening rush hour is 3:30PM to 6:30PM).
  • All rules governing standard bicycles are also applicable to e-bikes. Only traditional bicycle-style e-bikes are allowed onboard GO trains and buses.
  • New e-bike rules (April 2024) – All e-bike batteries must meet safety certifications (UL or CE); Batteries must have no physical damage to the case or warranty seal; Inspectors will provide tamper-proof seals to approved batteries; E-bikes are limited to a maximum weight of 55kg
  • Read more HERE.



Niagara is becoming known for cycling almost as much for wine. An incredible selection of bicycle routes and trails make this a popular destination for cyclists. Whether joining a tour or striking it on your own, there are short or multi-day trips to suit all levels. Meander between wineries through farmland, travel along rivers and lakes, or take advantage of acres devoted to mountain biking featuring the Escarpment.

Attracting thousands of cyclists from early spring into late fall, the entire region is a popular place to cycle. Cycling is also the perfect way to get between all the attractions, and is certainly an attraction itself. In addition to many kilometres of off-road paved trails, there is significant on-road infrastructure. signed bike routes, maps and smart phone apps all to help ensure that cyclists keep enjoying all Niagara has to offer.

Find info and maps for road and gravel routes – trails – mountain biking plus bicycle friendly businesses at: